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About Us

Our Mission is to provide access to exceptional, affordable care for all.

Our Mission is to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve; to provide an outstanding care experience; and to be an exceptional place to work and make a difference.


Krystal Algier, MSN, NP

  Meredith Arevalo, FNP
  Lauren Arini, CPNP 
Christina Bartz, MMS, PA-C


Allison Baynard, CRNP

Nancy Bearss, PA-C
Elizabeth Buckshaw, PA-C                         


Mackenzie Costello, MSN, FNP                         
  Emanie Dorival, CRNP 

Christina Drostin, MPH, MD

  Gregory Dukes, CRNP 
  Matt Eglseder, PA-C 
Mark Faber, MD
Kim Fitzgerald, CRNP
Katelin Haley, DO
Doug Hamsher, PA-C
Eric Hermansen, MD
Victor Hillaert, FNP-C
Patricia Karnes-Amzibel, DO
Veronica Rigler, PA-C, MS, RRT-ACCS                                                                               
Richard J Snow, DO, MPH                                 
Rachel Spellman, RN MSN, FNP-C
Lisa Urban, MD
  Bonnie Velez, CRNP 
Megan Wojtko, CRNP


Lindsay Young, CRNP